Let Us Help You Achieve a Beautiful Lawn

Lawn Care

Does the grass look a little greener down the street?

What do you want from a lawn care service?

  • A healthy, green lawn free of weeds and pests
  • An experienced, knowledgeable technician
  • Consistent results from year to year
  • A company that will guarantee results without requiring a contract

Sunrise Lawn Service, LLC

is the company for you! Creating and maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn requires more than just regular watering and weekly mowing. It takes a carefully designed program of care that addresses each and every aspect of your lawn’s health and growth needs.

Our program has been a constantly evolving system of products developed over the past 15 years. We are very experienced with the Birmingham area grass types, Bermuda and Zoysia. We make every effort to provide the highest quality service possible for both our residential and business clients. Our experienced technicians are trained to provide quality care to use the right materials at the right time.



To keep your lawn green, growing, and looking its best, a consistent program of fertilization is essential. Regular fertilization will lead to a thicker, healthier lawn that reduces erosion, filters pollutants, and cleans the air. Plus, your lawn will be less likely to suffer from weed, insect and disease problems when it’s fertilized on a regular basis.

Weed Control

Even the most beautiful lawn is likely to have weeds appear at some point. Keeping a lawn “weed-free” takes more than just having a couple of herbicide treatments each spring. Nature finds ways to make sure something starts growing in any lawn that has become too thin. Bare patches of soil quickly fill up with broadleaf and grassy weeds of all sorts.

Reach Out to Us

Regular lawn maintenance not only makes your property look nicer, but it also keeps the area clean and healthy. Get in touch with our team today for more information about our lawn care services. We are eager to hear from you!